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Updated October 12, 2014

Photos courtesy of Karen Schiltz

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Fall Programs Will Be Held At The Santa Fe Community Foundation

Arrangements have been made to move the Chapter meetings from the Unitarian Church, after many years at that location. For the foreseeable future the meetings will be held at the Santa Fe Community Foundation located at 501 Halona Street (corner of Halona Street and Paseo de Peralta, east of Kaune’s Market). The meeting room is downstairs, accessible by elevator. Free parking is available behind the building.

Check Google Maps for detailed directions

Birding Santa Fe Canyon

November Chapter Presentation: Valles Caldera Fire Effects and Recovery

Join Bob Parmenter, Chief Scientist at the Valles Caldera Preserve, as he discusses the effects of the 2011 Los Conchas fire and the recovery that has since occurred on the Preserve. Unlike many fires, there was extensive pre-fire monitoring data available with which to compare with the post-fire situation. Bob will talk about the successional recovery of wildlife, fisheries, and vegetation while describing how science-based monitoring informs resource management. The meeting will be held at 7:30 PM on Wednesday, November 12, at the Santa Fe Community Foundation (NEW LOCATION - SEE DIRECTIONS ABOVE) on the corner of Halona St and Paseo de Peralta, across Paseo from the PERA building and parking lot. Parking is available behind the building on Halona Street.

This talk is co-sponsored by the Randall Davey Audubon Center.

General Information

Welcome to the web page for the Sangre de Cristo Audubon Society. We have approximately 1400 members in northern New Mexico, representing Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Española, Taos, Las Vegas, and other communities. Santa Fe is also the home of the Randall Davey Audubon Center, a scenic property at the end of Canyon Road owned by the National Audubon Society and headquarters of the New Mexico Field Office. It has a bookstore with hiking trails and can be reached at 505-983-4609.

You are welcome to attend our monthly programs held at the Santa Fe Community Foundation (501 Halona Street, near the Roundhouse). Meetings are on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm ( September - November and February - May ) on topics ranging from wildlife to conservation issues to outdoors enjoyment, in New Mexico and worldwide. The Chapter also sponsors a wide variety of field trips throughout the year. Check the links on this page for information on these activities.

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Mrs. Bailey's Chickadee


Transfer of Valles Caldera Preserve to the National Park Service

In February, Senators Udall and Heinrich reintroduced Legislation (S-285) in the 113th Congress that would transfer the management of the Valles Caldera National Preserve to the National Park Service. The Preserve, an “Audubon Important Bird Area,” is currently managed by a private/public entity whose charter is to demonstrate that public land can be managed and preserved in a financially self-sustaining manner. The bill’s introduction is the result of serious questions regarding the effectiveness of this approach and the long-term consequences it would have for the preservation of this public treasure. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. The Preserve is to be evaluated in 2015 for progress in meeting the financial self-sustainability goal. The experiment could be ended at that time and the property would lose its special status and become a part of the Santa Fe National Forest. Please, write your senators and congressmen, to encourage action on the Senate bill. Go to Caldera Action and click on the “TAKE ACTION” and “LATEST NEWS” buttons to get more information on the process and to obtain email links to key government representatives.


North Central New Mexico Birding

A detailed web site, North Central NM Birding Guide , has been developed that describes birding in north central New Mexico. It includes directions and expected species for birding spots in or near the Rio Grande Valley, ranging from Santa Fe in the south to Taos in the north. The site contains information and internet links that should be of value to all birding enthusiasts.

The National Audubon Society has a Policy Issues and Action page on its web site that is designed to educate and inform members, citizens, lawmakers and other policy representatives on conservation issues. The “Take Action” site describes these issues and offers the opportunity for readers to get their concerns voiced. Click on the “Take Action” logo to learn about the latest issues and to send in your opinion. 


Mrs. Bailey's Chickadee

The Chapter has named its newsletter after the Mountain Chickadee. Get a brief history of this bird and why it might well be called Mrs. Bailey's Chickadee.

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