Try these birding areas in and around Santa Fe.

  • Randall Davey Audubon Center
    • End of Canyon Road
    • Riperian species
  • Armijo Park (formerly called Cerro Gordo Park) 
    • Cerro Gordo Road near the Randall Davey Center
    • The last accessible cottonwood bosque along the Rio Santa Fe
  • Santa Fe Ski Basin 
    • Hyde Park Road at 10,000 ft
    • Productive areas enroute
    • Montane species including Gray Jay and Blue Grouse
  • Bandelier National Monument 
    • Located in Jemez Mountains
    • 60-minute drive from Santa Fe
  • Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge 
    • Near Las Vegas, NM (60-minute drive north on I-25 from Santa Fe)
    • Waterfowl, Sandhill Cranes
    • Sparrows (Grasshopper, Brewer's, Lark, Vesper, Clay-Colored)
    • Raptors (Ferruginous, Red-Tailed, and Swainson's Hawks; Bald Eagles, Prairie Falcons)
  • Carson National Forest
  • Santa Fe National Forest


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