Sangre de Cristo Audubon Society

2016 Calendar

 January 13  No Meeting  
 January 23  Field Trip  Bosque del Apache NWR
 February 10  Meeting  Climate and Gray Jays
 Feb. 20-21  Field Trip  Truth or Consequences
 March 3  Field Trip  Tingley Beach / Rio Grande NC
 March 9  Meeting  Songbird Rehabilitation
 April 13  Meeting  Band-tailed Pigeons of the SW
 April 16  Field Trip  Valle de Oro NWR
 May 11  No Meeting   
 May 14  Field Trip  International Spring Migration Counts
 May 22  Field Trip  Los Alamos Birding Spots
 June 5  Field Trip  Orilla Verde
 July 9  FieldTrip  Caja del Rio
 August 28  Field Trip  Santa Fe Ski Basin
 September 10  Field Trip  Las Vegas NWR Region
 September 14
 October 12
 November 6  Field Trip  Back Roads Las Vegas NWR
 November 9
 Nov. 15-20    Festival of the Cranes
 December 14  No Meeting  
 December &
 Bird Counts

2017 Calendar

 January 11  No Meeting  
 January 29  Field Trip  Rosy Finches Sandia Crest
 February 4  Field Trip  Bosque del Apache NWR
 February 8  Meeting